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When You Succeed, We Succeed.

Veracity offers customized, engineered voice and data soltuions for each partner in our channel. With over 12 years of experiece, we have learned the importance of building revenues and relationships, providing reliability and customized engineering giving our partners the opportunity to grow their business and stay up-to-date in the telecom industry.


Veracity delivers


We invest the time to build relationships with our partners, carriers and clients. These strategic partnerships translate into increased revenue opportunities.


We create technical and administrative synergies with our partners. Veracity’s engineers are flexible and driven in designing and constructing end-to-end solutions.


We acknowledge reliability is key in this industry. From our network to individual employees we provide an experience wowing and delighting customers.


"When it comes to the care a team has shown for the success of our business, there is simply no compare to the Veracity team. Not only do they provide us with great solutions for our customers, they also take the time to educate us and keep us engaged."

— Amanda Heinritz, OpenCom

Benefits & Requirements

The portal includes all the business and marketing resources you need.


Marketing Tools

Provide your clients with marketing material to promote your business and provide them with the right content.

Sales Tools

Enhance your sales process with sales material to better engage your customers.


Deal Registration

Stay up-to-date by registering your deals and seeing where it is in the sales process.

Training & Support

Feel confident having Veracity on your team to support you and get you the education needed in this ever changing industry.

The right partner solution for you.


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